A last will and testament is the simplest and least expensive way to ensure that your property is distributed to those whom you wish to have it. It often can be a simple arrangement when a married couple gives all to other and then to their children. A will can be used to appoint guardians of minor children. A testamentary trust can be created to provide for someone who requires assistance. In short, it’s a very flexible instrument.

We most often suggest to clients that they execute a will as part of a package of documents consisting of a power of attorney, a health care surrogate and a living will. Those are discussed separately on other pages.

A will has to be prepared and signed properly or it’s invalid. Doing it yourself may well leave your family with the same problem you thought you were fixing. Get it done right.

A will can be changed anytime you wish. If we prepared your will initially, then you can call and give us the changes and we’ll have the document ready for you to sign when you come in.

To prepare a simple will, the information you need to provide is names; we need to know to whom property will be left;  who will be appointed to act as your personal representative; your attorney-in-fact; your health care surrogate and your spokesperson under your living will. It is best to have a first and second choice for each.

Names, addresses and emails of persons named in your documents are helpful for our records.

For a simple will and accompanying documents, financial information is usually not required. However, if a simple will does not appropriately address your needs, we may request a financial statement.

On the resources page, under Polk County, there is a link to the Tax Collector’s site with information about how to designate an emergency contact on your driver’s license. 

If you prefer, we can conduct a meeting, whether an initial meeting or to take information for a change to existing documents,  by telephone and, with payment by credit card, have your documents prepared in advance.

We make calls to your home or a care facilityWith advance payment we can bring finished documents. Please note that coming to your home or a care facility may incur an additional charge.