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Sometimes people reach a point at which they are no longer able to make good financial decisions, see to their own medical care or even undertake the basic functions of daily life such as bathing and dressing. In that case, the appointment of a guardian can safely protect a person’s assets and ensure that he or she receives the best medical care possible. The guardian must submit a detailed accounting of what was done with a person’s assets during the previous year. Likewise, a guardian must submit a status report on the Ward’s medical condition certified by a physician. There is no other arrangement by which health care and financial management are overseen so carefully. A guardianship can be the best vehicle for care when there are no family members available or when they would prefer that another individual, such as professional guardian,  provide the service.

We work with family and professional guardians. We can proudly say that when you come in with a problem that needs to be addressed by a guardianship, it will be done more quickly by our firm than by any other in the area. We have initiated and served as court appointed attorneys in dozens of guardianships.

When you contact us about a guardianship we need some basic information; the Ward’s address, date of birth, social security number (which is kept confidential), his or her doctor, next of kin, and the Ward’s assets.

Write us and ask any questions you may have about guardianship and we’ll be glad to get right back to you.

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