Selling or buying a home? We are expert in handling your transaction from negotiation to drafting the contract through closing. The firm has been involved in several hundred real estate closings since we opened.  We understand that whether you are selling or buying it can be a very stressful experience and are here to help you through.

Closing through a law firm rather than a title company offers several advantages. In our experience, our documents are better drawn with an eye to covering every detail, we get things done more quickly and, if there is a problem with the title, such as a lien, encroachment or judgment, we can fix it. A title company has to “farm it out” to be resolved. Perhaps the greatest advantage: you can reach us on the telephone and talk to someone who knows the details of your transaction. We answer in person.

Do not let a real estate sales agent push you to their title company. It’s your right to select a closing agent.